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For over 13 years I’ve been creating one of a kind jewelry pieces using horn as a primary medium.

I have also attended Silversmithing classes at the Alberta College Art of Design and explored different techniques like stone inlaid and metal etching. I’ve started combining these techniques with horn, as a result my work has evolved and it has expanded beyond the use of only horn.

I try to recycle and upcycle materials as much as I can. All the leather used in my work is upcycle from a designer in Montreal. Base metals like copper, brass and aluminum is obtained from scraps and all Sterling Silver used in my jewelry is manufactured from reclaimed material.

Our raw horns are sourced from renewable resources, it's recycling a 'waste' product from the meat industry and as a result preventing it from ending up in landfill.

By using controlled organic raw materials we are supporting the environment and preserving a long tradition of native craftsmen, that for generations used natural materials in a friendly and harmoniously manner.

I like to think of my jewelry as a unique and ecological piece of wearable art.

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