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Meet Our Eco Live Talk Speakers

 Katrina Sark 

Dr. Kat Sark is a lecturer at the University of Victoria and the founder of the Canadian Fashion Scholars Network.


She specializes in cultural analysis, cultural history, media and gender studies, as well as fashion cultures. She is the co-founder of the Urban Chic book series, and the author of Montréal Chic: A Locational History of Montreal Fashion (2016), and Berliner Chic: A Locational History of Berlin Fashion (2011). She is currently editing a volume on Ethical Fashion and Empowerment (forthcoming in 2019). Her research on cities, gender, fashion, film, theatre and culture can be followed on her blog:

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 Jess Montgomery 

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Jess Montgomery is the founder of Think the World Differently, a non-profit organization based in Vancouver that offers educational workshops on the environmental impacts of the global clothing industry, and empowers participants to embrace sustainable alternatives. Jess is a contributing writer for Not Just A Label, and a revised version of her MA thesis will be published in the peer-reviewed publication Ethical Fashion and Empowerment in 2019. She speaks regularly on the environmental impacts of clothing overconsumption and the need for values-based change, and her talk “How Your Clothes Can Save the Planet” for TEDxChilliwack will be viewable online in May.



Jessie is the clothing department manager at WIN. She has always had an interest in fabrics and a passion for garment design. Her fascination was originally incited by the world of cosplay and costuming, and it continued to grow to encompass many facets of historical and modern design. She attended classes at Pacific Design Academy and participated in one of their year end runway fashion shows.



In the artistic and design sense, She is a true "Jack of all trades", an artist, interior decorator, jewellery and accessories designer, sewer, painter, crafter, interested and captured by the beauty of the worlds wealth of culture and diversity. She is originally from Croatia, and I currently live in Canada. Her diverse background is reflected in her work. In addition to various artistic forms, she has been designing jewellery and accessories for more than 25 years, always looking for ways to use the existing pieces and materials and redesign them into something new again. This passion of her lead her to expand her creativity to other mediums, such as textile, so she started making bags, scarves, aprons, pillows etc. She would describe her style as ethnic, bohemian and eclectic. The main inspiration for her work can be found in different global ethnic customs, art and crafts. As she use a lot of vintage and up-cycled materials most of her creations are pretty hard to replicate, which makes them truly unique.

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