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Victoria Eco Fashion Week

The sustainable design philosophy is trending. Humans are realizing their impact on the environment and making their daily choices responsibly. Victoria Eco Fashion Week is a production featuring green designers, artists, and businesses to fulfil the needs of eco-conscious consumers. 


Victoria Eco Fashion Week is a project aimed at idolizing Victoria as a good example of its sustainable lifestyle for the locals and the thousands of tourists that visit Victoria every year. We believe this will encourage other cities of the world to embrace an environmentally friendly lifestyle. 


The Need

Previously underestimated in terms of its impact on the environment, the record-breaking $2.5 trillion-dollar fashion industry is now increasingly coming under scrutiny. Not only is it the second highest user of water worldwide, causing 20 per cent of global water waste and 10 per cent of global carbon emissions; it is also closely linked to labour violations, gender discrimination, and poverty issues. While already highly significant today, these issues are only going to increase in severity within the coming decades.

Mission Statement

To Promote sustainable fashion as a whole, as well as, local businesses and designers in our community to enhance the structure of a sustainable lifestyle.

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